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Anxiety and stress became a constant part of her life after she had her first anxiety attack back in middle school. Since then, life seemed to go downhill for Faye till the day she discovered the magic of meditation. Rest became history. Meditation for Anxiety and Stress Relief is Faye Quinn’s life story of how she struggled with anxiety and stress for a good portion of her life and how meditation played a vital role for her in overcoming them. This book serves as a guide for everyone, offering various techniques and tricks for meditation.

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September 29, 2022

Manifesting Peaceful Meditation

Everyone has hopes and dreams, keeping them awake late at night. Some lie under the stars and wonder about what lies in their future. Some dive into misery and worry about the days to come. While everyone knows that no amount of emotion, whether anger,…
February 21, 2022

Importance of Meditation

‘Oh God, what should I do? My deadline is tomorrow. How should I complete this task till then? My boss is going kill me! The management will get to know about my delays and they will fire me.’ ‘My husband wanted a hamburger for dinner,…
February 21, 2022

Declutter Your Mind with Meditation

We go through each day with a myriad of struggles on our minds and combat million different thoughts every passing day. Our minds can become exhausted with the burden of daily worries and anxieties piling up inside us. Did you know that an average person…


When life showered me with troubles,

When life showered me with troubles, I didn’t know where to look. Being too proud to seek help, I began isolating myself, sleeping in late and even lost my appetite. Little did I know that I was having anxiety. And then someone told me about Faye Quinn’s Meditation for Anxiety and Stress Relief book. My life has changed for the better since then for which I am forever grateful to Quinn! Meditation has indeed proved to be a life saver for me!

- Johnathan Edgar.